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The Movie - "Class of 1999"
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Denny Clark wrote the following for the Totem II newspaper. Your webmaster thought it might be fun to get the the movie and extract some scenes for the website. The language was offensive so I turned off the audio. I really only included external photos of the building. However, many of the internal shots were probably LHS too. Between 1953, 1981, 2005 and 2008 (my visits to the school) it is hard to imagine what it was like a few years after it was shut down - but, those stairs sure looked familiar...

Denny Clark: "I've been meaning to share this experience with my schoolmates for a number of years, and am finally sitting down to do it. It was in the middle 80s when Jack Murphy and I went to a Sonics game. On our way home there was a traffic jam in the Queen Anne area, so we decided to go over Queen Anne hill and get onto Aurora Avenue by the bridge - near Canlis. We crossed the bridge, and were wondering what our old school looked like after 30 years. We knew it had been closed, and wondered if it was still standing. We soon found ourselves driving along Interlake, and Lincoln was only a block away. Suddenly there it was! Our eyes filled with wonderment at the scene before us. Fire trucks, hoses, ladders and flood lights were concentrated on a school bus that had been driven up the stairs and into the doors of the main entrance. The entire facade was black with smoke and it smelled like diesel oil. We parked the car and walked up to the scene, hardly believing our eyes. Whatever had taken place, it was near the end, as the firemen were busy putting their gear away. I asked one of the firemen what had been happening. He told us that they finished filming a scene for a movie. Jack was worried about who was going to clean up the mess, while I was curious about the title of the film.

"With a few pointed questions, we learned that the film studio was responsible for restoring the damage to the stairs we all stood on for our class pictures, and would repair any damage to doors, bricks and the school bus. I found someone who looked like he was in charge - he was the assistant director. He told me the title of the movie was Class of 1999 and was about students who revolted. I was in the video business at the time and I vowed to buy that movie when it was released to video. I did, and am here to tell you it did not do our old Alma Mater proud. The actors all had spiked hair and wore stud collars, and the actresses were not girls you would introduce to mom. It was strictly a "B" movie. There were guns and knives - and all were used. I later sold my business and that film went with it. It was a good renter though, and returned a sizeable profit. I checked Amazon for it and they have several films of that name. I donít believe any of them are that particular one - but I promise to do some research and find out for sure. I'll let you know later. In the meantime, we can all take pride in knowing that our old school was a real movie star, and as we all know now, has held up very well for its age."

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