Lincoln High School
Class of 1953
58-Year Reunion

Measured in terms of the surprisingly large turnout for our 58-Year Class Reunion and by the enthusiastic smiles on most attendees we believe that it was a success! A number of classmates expressed interest in a 60-Year reunion. We even had one attendee who said, "As for my time spent there, itís an event worth repeating annually." Another classmate reported that her non-classmate spouse, when asked if he enjoyed this reunion, responded, "YES, I did.... very...., VERY...., VERY MUCH!" (She said that she had never heard him say that about anything before!)

Was it perfect? No. The food was great in the minds of a number of classmates. But others found it uninspired, cold and in short supply at one time. Personally, I expected better. But if you went for the clam chowder, you probably were not disappointed. One attendee wrote, "The food could have been better, but who cares, that was a very small part of the opportunity to see some old friends and meet some very interesting new ones. The weather was lousy, but the fellowship was great. I'd never been to a reunion, so this was a real adventure for me. What fun to see familiar faces from the distant past. It was a good thing our youthful pictures were on our name cards. I would gladly come to the next one."

Our cruise aboard the Olympic Star was pleasant despite the inclement weather. It offered us the opportunity to socialize in a more relaxed atmosphere. And the boat picked us up at the Ivar's dock. Now that was convenient! And for someone headed south on I-5 after the event Seattle traffic was more gentle than I had expected. (Don't believe anyone who says Portland's traffic situation is better than Seattle's.)

Some may wonder why we scheduled the reunion at a venue like Ivar's with no available room that would house all of us. Frankly, we were surprised at the size of the group. We had about the same attendance as the 30, 35, 40, 45 and 55-year reunions. And this with 157 of our classmates having passed on. By the time that we realized the enthusiasm for this reunion luncheon it was too late to change venues. We really needed everyone in the same room rather than being scattered in three different areas.

All in all we have learned many things by running our own reunion (without professional help) for the first time in quite a while. We are already starting to work on the next reunion by looking for a better venue. We hope that the health of our classmates will permit a few more good reunions. We appreciate the suggestions Loretta has received. Please feel free to let us know your thoughts. I have to apologize for my personal failure in successfully forecasting the weather. Remember, I wrote, "We expect beautiful weather on that day!!"

The photos from Larry Wagle have now been posted on our class website. If any of you would like me to order prints for you, please let me know. The only cost to you will be the out-of-pocket costs - the prints and postage.

Thanks to a great committee and for your happy participation!
Darrell Bangerter


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