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The following bios have either been submitted for specific inclusion on this webpage by our classmates or they have been gleaned from classmate submittals for the 50-year reunion Memory Book. If no bio information is shown for you, please send your contribution to the Webmaster. Please also feel free to send corrections, updates, photos or additional bio information.

Joyce ANDERSON Buchanan

Highlights since high school: We operated a photo studio on Whidbey Island for 15 years. Traveled extensively throughout the USA.

Favorite pastime: Traveling in a 36' Tradewind motor home.


Thanks to Mr. Lamb I headed into Chemical Engineering instead of blacksmithing like my Dad but, after 35 years of doing that, my desire to be a blacksmith came to fruition as I now am an interpretive smith at the Fort Vancouver National Historic site – so maybe Mr. Claus would be happy!

[Ted stated that some the highlights of his life since high school have been: living in Sweden and Scotland, traveling to Japan, Australia, Argentina and Europe, building a cabin in the San Juan Islands and boating in that area.]


Attended the U of W briefly during my college career but graduated from Brigham Young University in 1960 with a BA in Business. The delayed graduation was due to a 2-1/2 year mission for our church in France and Switzerland from 1956 to 1958.

The mission experience impacted my life in numerous ways including many friends over the years in France and Spain - spanning five generations. Three of our friends have lived in our home and attended U.S. high schools. I have made many visits to Europe over the years.

Married Jeanette Whiting in 1959 and we have five children and nine grandchildren - and yes, they are all great people and I love them dearly.

Worked for General Electric in western Massachusetts, upstate New York and Richland, Washington. In 1971 I transferred to a Swedish-owned U.S. subsidiary - Sandvik Special Metals. I served as Vice President and CFO of this high tech company that manufactured zirconium and titanium alloy tubing for the nuclear, aerospace and sports industry. We retired in 1992. Our retirement years brought a move in 1997 to Vancouver, Washington, where we are closer to most of our family members - and where trees grow naturally. We had spent 34 years in the Tri-Cities (Richland and Kennewick).

The years since retirement have been spent traveling, (like everyone else), brief stays at our Sunriver, Oregon condo, eight years as a director of a Family History Center (genealogy library), lots of ATV adventures (replacing the Pacific Crest Trail backpacking adventures of earlier years) and more recently serving as webmaster of our Class of 1953 website.

Have served in many capacities in church and community. But my favorite time is spent with my family.

Bonnie BELL Munro

Highlights since high school: cosmetology training, family reunions in Scotland, traveling to Russia, Great Britain and the Scandinavian countries and travels in their motor home and on cruises.

Her favorite pastimes are Scottish Club, crafts, volunteer work, gardening and baseball games.

Charles (Chuck) BENDER

After Lincoln H.S. attended Harvard College on scholarship, leaving school in 1956 for two years in the Army, serving with the 9th Infantry Division in Germany. Resumed my studies at Harvard in 1958, receiving a Detur Prize for highest academic achievement and graduating in 1960 with an A.B., magna cum laude. Attended Harvard Law School on scholarship, 1960-63, receiving an LL.B., magna cum laude. At the Law School, where I was lucky after the first year to be ranked third in a class of 550, I was an editor for two years on the Harvard Law Review, serving as Articles Editor during my senior year. At graduation, I was awarded a Harvard University Sheldon Traveling Fellowship and spent 15 months on that grant roaming throughout Europe and North Africa.

In 1965 I joined the Los Angeles law firm of O’Melveny & Myers, where I spent my entire professional career, becoming a partner in the firm in 1972. As a trial lawyer, specialized in large, complex civil and regulatory litigation. One career highlight was a fifteen year representation of the landowners of California’s Imperial Valley, whose water rights were being challenged by the federal government. Ultimately, we won in a 9-0 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1980. A significant portion of my litigation career was Alaska related, including representation of Alyeska Pipeline Service Company during the construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, the Owners of the Pipeline during seven years of Washington, DC regulatory litigation, and of Exxon in the multiple legal proceedings arising out of the Exxon Valdez oil spill. From 1984 to 2001 I also became heavily involved in management of the firm, serving as Managing Partner for eight years and then as Chairman of the firm for my last eight years, before retirement in 2001. During those sixteen years, O’Melveny grew from being a southern California firm to one of the leading US based international firms with over 700 attorneys and offices throughout Asia, Europe and the US.

In 1961, after my first year of Law School, married Carolyn Percy Gavagan, and following our divorce married Betty Lou Mallinger in 1983. Betty Lou was a television producer in Los Angeles, and winner of two Emmy Awards. Together we have four children, two daughters from Betty Lou’s first marriage, Courtney Elizabeth and Cameron Ann, and two sons from my first marriage, Theodore Marten and Christopher Percy. Together, they and their spouses have given us six grandchildren who have been the delight of our retirement years. We live in a beach cottage in an LA suburb, Hermosa Beach, and spend half the year there, as well as three months at our Sierras cabin in Mammoth Lakes and three months each year traveling overseas. One of our shared passions is fly fishing. In addition to fishing in the Sierras and Montana we take annual fly fishing trips to the Katmai Wilderness in Alaska, and have indulged ourselves with angling ventures all over the world, in Chile, Argentina, Tierra del Fuego, New Zealand, Mexico, Belize, Venezuela and the Seychelles Islands. When not doting on grandchildren, fly fishing or traveling, I enjoy the freedom that retirement allows for reading history and literature.

Claudia BENEDICT Wagner

Highlights since high school: Wittenberg College and Indiana State Graduate school and secondary teaching in Seattle, Illinois, Virginia, Ohio, South Carolina, Minnesota and Pennsylvania. Married Joe in 1958. Retired from Northern Illinois University in 1997 and "came home" to Pt. Townsend, Washington in June, 2002

Her favorite pastimes are reading, gardening, writing to friends and travel.


Highlights since high school: watching my family and my business grow. Traveling with Connie.

His favorite pastimes are golf, travel and puttering around the house.

Norma BENSON Ray

Highlights since high school: I worked for US Chief Attorneys office in Seattle, and a couple of law firms; in 1958 married Joe Fitzgerald, lived in Plush, Oregon where we had a cattle ranch, had two children, husband had spinal cancer and passed away in 1966; moved into Lakeview, OR where I worked at the USFS and remarried in 1970. Had a daughter and in 1975 moved to Eugene, OR where I had an antique business until 1985; got divorced and went back to work at SSA/OHA, and retired in 2000. Have seven grandchildren. Traveled to Cancun, visited an Aunt who lives in Costa Rica and went to Alaska.

Favorite pastimes: travel and making quilts.


Highlights since high school: designing and building over 100 homes in the Seattle and Lake Havasu City, Arizona areas; being elected to the governing board of Lake Havasu City; learning to play golf and belonging to the Inglewood Country Club for 17 years.

His favorite pastimes are golf, bridge and travel.

Betty BERGERON Duncan

Highlights since high school: traveling to Africa, golden retrievers and children and grandchildren.

Her favorite pastimes are travel, watercolor painting and piano.

JoAnn BIGGS Anderson

Highlights since high school: taught swimming 23 years. I had a Girl Scout troop for four years. Enjoying retirement. I was born in Salt Lake City in 1935 and moved back here in 1954.

Her favorite pastime is art.


Highlights since high school: married with three boys, owned auto parts store for 30+ years. Retired December 1997.

His favorite pastimes are building cars and racing lawnmowers.

LaVerne BJORKLUND Talbot

Highlights since high school: marrying Len and raising two children, practicing pharmacy for 35+ years, and learning scuba, which has taken us all over the South Pacific – Australia, Solomon Islands, Bourgainville, Yap, New Guinea, Palau, Truk Lagoon, Cayman, Cartegena, etc. Also land travels.

Her favorite pastimes are gardening, beachcombing, scuba diving, cooking and singing in the church choir.

Kathleen BLAIR Mayhle

Highlights since high school: taught in Seattle schools for 35˝ years; graduated from Seattle Pacific University where I was a cheerleader and sang in the Concert Choir; have been active in Democratic politics; volunteered for Seattle Opera; did clinical observation of student teachers at Seattle Pacific (in retirement); active in Free Methodist church. Favorite pastimes are traveling, reading, volunteering, opera, and thrift shopping.

Carmel BLASCHKA Bower

It’s been a long time since 1953! And I was quite shy then. But through the years I married in 1958, had 3 children, divorced in 1973, became a single mom, and pursued a career in department store and spa cosmetics and facials for 25 years. I made it to Europe and parts of Mexico. I moved to California in 1994. Love the weather! Lost a son, no grandchildren, didn’t remarry. As of now (2011) a makeup artist for a local TV station and doing other volunteer work.

JoAnne BOLAN Clampitt

Favorite pastime: volunteering

Maryln BOYCE Brown

I married my high school sweetheart Ralph Brown ('52) on July 24, l953. We just celebrated our 54th wedding anniversary. We were blessed with four lovely daughters, who have given us eight grandchildren and three greats. I worked for Seattle Trust & Savings (now Key Bank) from l953 to l976. I was President of the Washington State Safe Deposit Association and after working in all departments ended up as Branch Secretary of the Northgate Office. We moved to Vancouver, Washington in l976 in a company move with Chevron Corp. where Ralph worked for 36-1/2 yrs retiring in l99l. We traveled in our Motor Home to the desert and bought a home there in Sky Valley Resorts where we spend our winter months. We are very active in the Chapel Ministries, where I resumed playing my violin in the chapel orchestra after a 40-year hiatus. Ralph is going to finish his 10th season this year as a Marshall for the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic. Time has a way of flying by and I just don't feel like all these years have passed, but our children remind us that it is now their time to write their life story. I just pray that it will be as wonderful a life as I have had.


Highlights since high school: I worked in a Volkswagen dealership for 35 years; spent 32 years in the Navy Air, active duty and reserve; I have flown all over the world with the Navy and have many tales to tell. By the way I still have my high school car.

Favorite pastimes are working around my house and yard and working on my old cars.


Spent a semester at California College of Arts and Crafts, worked at my father's bakery for a couple of years and then attended Western Washington College of Education where I met my wife Margo. Received a B.A. in History and taught for a while at Anacortes High School. Finished an M.A. back at Western and completed a Doctor of Arts in History From Illinois State University where I wrote a very long and dry dissertation on the teaching of History that has largely gone unread. Taught for nearly thirty years at Highline Community College. Nine children and fourteen grandchildren, all living in state and most within a minute or two drive from our house in DesMoines.

Favorite pastimes: reading, writing and painting.

Sheila CALLARMAN Hastings

Highlights since high school: raising children, now enjoying grandchildren, 20 years teaching. World travel - England, Europe, Russia, China, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Spain and Portugal.

Favorite pastimes are walking/hiking, water aerobics and travel.


Highlights since high school: compensated my being late going through high school by finishing college early (in less than four years), married early (at age 20), have a family early (five children before age 32) and retired early (in 1993).

Favorite pastimes are exercise (to improve my health) and relax (light reading and afternoon naps).


Highlights since high school: married to Sandy for 47 years having three wonderful children and five grandchildren; working in the transportation industry traveling to the Pacific, Far East, Caribbean and United States; serving 31 years on the National Ski Patrol at Crystal Mountain, Washington.

Favorite pastimes are family activities, traveling, skiing and boating.

Doris CLARK Cannon

I didn't do anything great in my life, nor travel the world, I am not particularly bright, nor certainly not ever beautiful, I am not famous, and financial wealth is not in my pocketbook, but.... the simple things are rewarding in themselves, and free.  And, Lincoln High School did give me a Kick-Off; into the world I live in that I will share with you all. With my love and memories, Doris

[Webmaster note: With the following bio Doris submitted her recollections of American life during our lifespan plus her views on various subjects. You will find her thoughts and reflections by clicking here.]


During my 8th Grade at Hamilton Jr. High School my Mom made me a lovely cotton pink print peasant skirt with a shirred waist for a Spring May Pole dance at Hamilton.  The teachers were amazed how lovely it was and that my Mom had made it all by hand, as she didn't have a sewing machine.  I took the required sewing class at Hamilton, and barely passed, but got so much out of the class that years later I used what I had learned there to make a cover apron for my Mom during the 1980's.  As I worked on her apron, I suddenly realized that the material I picked out was exactly the same pink print pattern of the peasant skirt she made for me in 1948.  Of course, it was from a new roll at Jo Anne's, but the print and color were still being made.  I had a sewing machine, which made it easier.

I loved my Art Class at Hamilton, had a crush on a couple of the fellows, and my first kiss!  Arline Shulmier was our chaperon.

I really enjoyed my Washington State History Class, and have always loved the state of Washington.  I was assured that the volcanoes of the Cascades would never be active.  I thought, "Ah, gee heck!"  I was one of the students in the 9th Grade that was transferred mid-year to Lincoln High School in January 1949 as a last half freshman.


Lincoln's hollow halls echoed with the cleats of the guys, and giggles of the gals who were students there.  Skirts styles became so long, tight and straight that it was hard to walk, and don't try to run!  If you could afford them, they were worn with Joyce Shoes from Nordstrom's, fuzzy cuffed Angora socks, and very expensive beautiful cashmere, or less expensive lovely lambs wool sweaters from Scotland.

One of the first things I did to show my independence in my Sophomore Year was to skip Study Hall in the auditorium, AND GET CAUGHT!  The second thing I did was skip school for the day, and I got so bored staying home alone that I dyed my hair with Mercurochrome. You remember, the red stuff in the little bottle to put on cuts that may have had mercury in it? It was a lot of work, and kept me busy all the rest of the day. Oh, my hair was the most beautiful red color under the bathroom light!  When I went to meet Jackie Hill (who had naturally red hair) at the school bus stop, she said, "What did you do to your hair?"

I told her, "I dyed it red!"  She said, "IT'S PINK!”  It was not only pink, but had the strangest iridescent metallic shade of green in some lights.  I didn't get kicked out of school, but washed it twice a day, and it still stayed much the same shade of pink, with the metallic green tinge throughout my sophomore year.  I was nicknamed...Hey, Pinky!

Outdoor Drive-in Movie Theatre's sprung up so viewers could watch the movie from their car with their arm around their date, and there were drive-in places to eat at.  Most households only had one family car, with a one-car garage, and few students had cars of their own.  So, the guys had to ask their folks if they could borrow the family car for a date?  We usually walked or took the bus to the big movie theatres in downtown Seattle. The theatre's I recall are; The Orpheum,
Coliseum, Roosevelt, Winter Garden, Blue Mouse, Music Box, Colonial, 5th Avenue, Paramount, Music Hall, Embassy, Liberty, and the Palomar that often included a vaudeville stage show having trapeze showmen, elephants, comedians, and maybe fan dancers? The University District had the Egyptian and Neptune Theatre's.   Every district had one or two smaller theatres we lived near, such as, Wallingford, Phinney, Green Lake, Greenwood, and Ballard. We found jobs in these neighborhood districts or close-by Mom and Pop stores.  We went to roller skating rinks, bowling alleys, libraries, malt shops, high school football and basketball games, Woodland Park and its Zoo or Green Lake for entertainment.  The theatres have vanished one by one, as television sets took their place in the family homes beginning with our generation.

The money we earned after school or during the summer paid for special events at school, dating, or for that special sweater, or pair of shoes that we dreamed about having, but our folks couldn't afford.  The work kept us busy and out of lots of trouble, and few students were fat!  Hairstyles for girls were long or the tight short curls of a Poodle Cut.  The guys had slicked down hair with ducktails, or a crew cut.  The big thing seemed to be polished shoes, and the louder and noisier the cleats were the better, to draw attention to the one wearing them. Smoking was the big sin, or sipping a beer, chewing gum wasn't allowed in school...

The Avalon was a popular dance.  My favorite song was Harbor Lights. Some liked Elvis Presley but, I liked Pat Boone, and who along with his songs wore his favored white bucks in his pictures. White Bucks began to be seen along the halls of Lincoln.


I was a straight (A) Art Major and Ms. Poor, our Art Teacher, let us just create.  Today our 1953 ANNUAL brings me pleasure to look through.  The fact I design the cover adds to the pleasure along with the memories of the Art Annual Staff serving with me; Sandra Steik, Kay Lamoreux, Pete Kind, Robin Buchan, Bill Quam and myself, Doris Clark, were added with a stick-on inside the back cover page. Would you believe we had been forgotten? Sandra and Kay were extremely talented, and I hope they did some great creative work in the field of Art sometime in their lives after graduation. I didn't!  All other classes I had held little interest for me, and my grades showed it!

I did enjoy Mr. Hay’s history class, and got a strong B.  He made history so interesting. Perhaps that is why I'm a City Historian for the little City of Mountlake Terrace, Washington. Our City is filled with both Lincoln and Ballard grads. Many are World War 2 and Korea Conflict Veteran's, who were the original composition of Mountlake Terrace and bought little cement block love cottages near the King/Snohomish County Line selling for about $5,000.  Today these are selling for over $250,000, though many have been remodeled or added onto, for making room for the large families that love produced. It also shows how much our buying power of the dollar has eroded.

Note of Interest:  When Calvary Fellowship Church that had rented space in Lincoln High School found they had to move out of Lincoln while Ballard High School was being re-built, they bought the Antique Mall building that went bankrupt located in the center of Mountlake Terrace's small downtown.

My husband, a graduate of Ballard High School, and I met on a double date while I was a Junior at Lincoln. We went to a drive-in movie and just held hands. He was in Our Country's Armed Forces, and if I had known that he was a serviceman I would never have gone out with him, as girls that dated service men were thought to be fast, and I sure wasn't. I never saw him in uniform except in pictures. We planned on getting married shortly after we met.

So, when the day came that Ms. Connors, our Comp IV teacher, told everybody in class that they were all going to pass...except, maybe, Doris?  Everybody turned around and looked at me, sitting in the back of the class!  So, I did some fast thinking.  Ms. Connors called me up after class and asked me what my plans were after I graduated?  I put on a act that actress, Claire Trevor, who always played that cheap dumb blonde, would have envied, except I didn't have the chewing gum prop.  I told Ms Connors that I had met this soldier boy.... and would probably work in a dime store until we got married... then I would stay home and have lots and lots of babies. I could almost see her mind thinking that I was this poor dumb kid who would never need to know much about English composition and she passed me!  Boy, were we wrong!

Pretty Ms. Thompson, the girls Health Teacher, terrified me!  Very good students got low grades from her. I was so scared I wouldn't pass that I memorized word for word the huge first chapter of our health book. All the answers to questions on the tests of the following chapters were found in that first chapter, and she gave me an A.  Somehow, I ended up on the Honor Roll to the amazement of my teachers and myself?

I did get secretly married to my soldier boy...but not for almost another year. Ms Thompson was the first teacher to learn I was married, as my good friends who kept my secret told her after I had signed out of her class as a January 1953 graduate. Those days if it was known you were married, you could not attend school, even if close to graduation like I was.


After I graduated from Lincoln I went to Edison Technical School and got a straight (A) in Business English for very short and to the point letters, because I deleted everything I didn't know how to spell or punctuate?  And, as you may have noticed I'm gabby, and still know very little about English mechanics?  I became an IBM Lead Keypunch Operator over 30 women, who always sent me back spelling corrections in my written instructions to them.  I was the first Data Transceiver Operator on the West Coast sending information to Florida's Space Program. I was transferred to the Tabulating Department, which was all men, except for me. It was a "guy thing", and women were considered "no brains", and I never claimed to have any. The pre-computer machines were noisy and large; so were the early computers. My business career ended when I became a mother.

A new career began when I became an Elementary PTA President and our School District's PTSA Council Child Safety Chairman. I wrote our School District's "Detailed Block Parent Child Safety Procedure" (Prior to McGruff), as some children had vanished and this fine child safety plan protecting children on route needed revival. While I held the position, Mount Baker began to shake! I mentioned to the District's Administrator, Dr. Christianson, that I felt we should have Earthquake Drills like we once had Air Raid Drills. He told me, "Doris, I don't know of any school district in the State of Washington that is having Earthquake Drills?" So, he started them, and I received a State Level Parent Teacher Association Award for Outstanding Service to Children.

I was asked to be the Community College Adult Night School Coordinator for our City, which was an administrative position. Thank Heavens we coordinators shared a secretary. The next year I was elected to our Mountlake Terrace City Council, and was appointed to the Snohomish County Health Board. While holding those positions Mt Saint Helen's blew in 1980. I learned a great deal about what happens to cities in an eruption catastrophe. All vehicles in a heavy ash fallout cannot operate. To be safe, keep emergency supplies for more than three days. The teachers at Hamilton were WRONG! The Cascade volcanoes are still very active.

 I serve as Secretary for our City's Historical Committee, and there are few letters to write.  Our Chairman was an elected member of our Edmonds District School Board, and does a great job of editing before she signs... anything, that I type.  She was also in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

We have a Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary.  I'm secretary to one of our City's Park Committees, which has included working with some of the professors at the U.W.  Over the years I've served on many of our City Committees.  I don't think I've ever written anything without a mistake, but it hasn't stopped me. It all would have been much easier though if, I had learned those English composition fundamentals, as a student in Ms. Connors Comp IV Class at Lincoln High School.

I was an elected GOP Snohomish County and Washington State Delegate a few times. Presently I am an Independent! When I was GOP, I had brunch with Spellman during his campaign when he won the position of Governor of our State of Washington.  I've met lots of interesting and dedicated elected people holding office from both the Democrat and Republican Parties.  

My art ambitions, never materialized except for some fun projects involving church and school children. The reality of life, needing money to live on, and issues of my concern have always kept me from following that path.  But then.... the night is young yet.... and who knows.... perhaps my desire to write and illustrate a fun reading book for children with certain disabilities, might still be on the horizon...?  Of course, it would have to be edited...

In a round room lived a rabbit, Sir Walter Robert Richard Redfoot, who had a wonderful wardrobe of red waistcoats he wore whenever, and wherever he went.........

Doris (Clark) Cannon - MEMORIAL DAY, MAY 28, 2007


Carol COLLING McKinlay

Highlights since high school: married at 18 - had 4 kids - widowed after 44 years. Met and married Jim one year ago (2002). Worked as a secretary and meter maid over the years at various times. Now do volunteer work with the arts (ballet, theatre and opera).

Favorite pastime - playing tennis.


Highlights since high school: served in U.S. Army and Navy Reserve. Married Joan in 1961. Served an apprenticeship for journeyman auto mechanic. Moved to Nevada in1969. Worked for City of Henderson, Nevada for 25 years.

Favorite pastimes - motor home camping, off road in dune buggy and '69 Bronco.

Delbert DAHL

Favorite pastime - sailing "Mariah" from Seattle to Panama and all points in between.

Sue DIPPERT Calvert

Highlights: First car, a new '59 Austin Healey Sprite. Staying single 'til late twenties, then marriage to one of the playboys of the western world (a race driver) for 16 years. Raising two neat daughters anyway. Now also have two sons-in-law and five grandsons.

Trips to Mexico and England, but prefer home and my imagination. Realized a dream by doing a major home remodel unrestricted by resale possibilities.

Worked behind the scenes at the Federal Reserve, an insurance company, an engineering firm, Plasteel Inc, with brief stints at Eddie Bauer, the Seattle Times, Competition Systems, an ice cream manufacturer and an office supply company.


I have been happily married for 57 years to Marcene Knutson class of '54 at Franklin H.S. who I was introduced to by Chuck Mosier, also my good H.S. friend. I proposed to her on our first date which was her 18th birthday and married one and one half months after. God has been good to us. We have a son and two daughters, nine wonderful grand children and a great grandson and granddaughter. After two years of working at Boeing on the wings of the B-52 I went into the Drywall business as a taper. After 7 years I started contracting on my own. This is my 50th year in business. Our biggest production was in the late 70's when we had approximately 20 employees. One of the customers I did a job for was Bill Squibb. He had moved into his parents 2 story home and gutted it out and completely remodeled. I enjoyed working for Bill and was sad to hear of his passing as well. We built our home in Mill Creek in '95 and really like it here. A few of my hobbies are playing my Technics keyboard daily, walking and golfing with my brother on Camano Island.


Favorite pastime: life in Alaska.

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