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December 29, 2010:

Norma Holmes Svardal passed away on Christmas Day 2010. You may read her obituary by clicking here.

December 28, 2010:

Diane Linneman Bicknell has supplemented the obituary for Joy OLSEN Mickelson. Read Diane's additional comments on the Recent Obits page.

Our class news from the Fall 2010 issue of Totem II has been posted to the website. Check out the stories and miscellaneous news by clicking here.

November 28, 2010:

Mariellen Joy OLSEN Mickelson passed away on November 24, 2010. You may read her Seattle Times obituary on the Recent Obits page.

September 2, 2010:

The Seattle Times has an interesting article on Folke Nyberg and his talents including his contributions to the preservation of Pioneer Square and the Pike Place Market in todays edition. You may read the online version of this article by clicking here

Our class news from the Spring issue of Totem II has been posted to the website. Check out the interesting stories and miscellaneous news by clicking here.

August 29, 2010:

Folke NYBERG passed away on August 15, 2010. You may read his obituary on the Recent Obits page.

May 20, 2010:

Alan CAMERON passed away on April 9, 2010. You may read his obituary on the Recent Obits page. His son, Royce forwarded his obituary for inclusion on our class website. Royce closed his email with, "Warmest wishes to Lincoln's perfect class." You may remember that Royce wrote a story for the North Seattle Herald-Outlook in 2004 entitled, "The Resurrection of Lincoln High". To refresh your memory please click here.

I recently convinced Sue Dippert Calvert to expand her bio. You will find her new and improved bio by clicking here. You will notice that some other bios are relatively brief. If yours could be expanded or added, please feel free to do so.

May 9, 2010:

Jo-Ann OBENHOFER Preston passed away on March 17, 2010. You may read her obituary on the Recent Obits page.

May 2, 2010:

Dorothy Provine Day, our most well-known classmate, passed away on Sunday, April 25 in Bremerton, Washington. You will find an obituary from the Los Angeles Times and links to other Dorothy Provine stuff on our Recent Obits page.


Mary Fowler Trimble recently received notice that her novel "Tenderfoot" was a Finalist for the Western Writers of America Spur Award.

The Spur Awards, given annually for distinguished writing about the American West, are among the oldest and most prestigious in American literature. Winners of the Spur Awards in previous years include Larry McMurtry for Lonesome Dove, Michael Blake for Dances With Wolves, Glendon Swarthout for The Shootist, and Tony Hillerman for Skinwalker.

Set with the backdrop of the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption, Tenderfoot , a romantic suspense, takes place on a working Northwest cattle ranch. Corrie Stephens is eager to learn about ranching, but reluctant to become involved with a man again – it’s just not worth the heartache. Rancher J McClure, on the other hand, has been alone too long. Tenderfoot draws the reader into the story’s strong emotions based on family, love, and the first-hand adventure of the eruption of Mount St. Helens.

Mary also recently published three blog columns on her adventures in completing assignments for one of her LHS classes back in the 1950s. Go to Mary's blog by clicking here. Then select the article you would like to read on the right side of the page. The articles that relate to her high school research are: "A Schoolgirl’s Research Assignment: VD", "Research: The Coroner's Office" and "A Trip to the Forbidden: Seattle’s Skid Road".


We recently received the following from Miles Yanick:

"Always interesting to read about all of you that are retired. I decided long ago that I'd never retire. I've just got too many things to do.

"After I got out of Lincoln I spent two years at the UW majoring in Architecture. Then I was drafted into the Army. Two more years in Korea, then two years racing cars then two years or so working with the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Then back to the UW for another three years to finish my degree in Architecture in 1962. After graduation I worked as a landscape architect until 1967. I received my license to practice Architecture in 1968 and opened my own practice in 1969. My first office was in Pioneer Square. I relocated my office to Bainbridge Island in 1975 and have been there ever since.

"Over the years my office has had the good fortune to receive numerous professional awards and public recognition for our work. We've done a great deal of land planning, small projects of just and acre or two to large work of 10 to 20 thousand acres. We've done lots of commercial work, multi-family buildings, office buildings, retail, and medical buildings. Our public sector work has included parks and other recreational facilities. Of course we've always done custom homes. We usually do two to three every year. During all this time I was able to take a year off and taught Architecture at the invitation of Washington State University

"Does anyone remember one of our teachers, Earnest Osgood? His room was in the basement. He taught lettering and architectural drafting. Mr. Osgood was a registered Architect. Although his course was titled "architectural drafting" he actually taught Architecture. He turned out Bob Hanna, Bob Ford, Robert (Buzz) Brannon, and me from our class, Milt Zavales (class of 1952 or '51) and Jay Anderson class of '54. I worked with Bob Hanna (now deceased) before he went to Harvard for Masters Work. He later formed a firm known as Olin, Hanna Landscape Architects Philadelphia. Bob Ford taught at the University of Mississippi and is still in practice. Buzz Brannan (now deceased) formed a 100-person firm in Boston. I saw him a few years back featured in Architectural Digest magazine. I've been wanting to mention Mr. Osgood for a number of years now and give him just a little bit of the credit he earned. A truly fine educator. We were lucky to fall under his tutelage.

"I've done a lot of theater in the last 25 years. Mostly singing and dancing in musicals. I also sing in a small vocal jazz group called "Side by Side". I sing lead too in a male a cappella quartet too "Agate Passage" (for a good time call 842-6516). We sing at parties banquets and balls and at the drop of a hat. We're available; $200 for a half hour set or two.

"I've kept up on skiing. Try to get in at least 15 days a year, sometimes more. Swimming regularly and running too.

"I just don't seem to have time to retire. So much to do ... so little time." Miles Yanick

[Webmaster note: Reading of Miles' activities exhausts me!]

April 1, 2010:

Diane Linneman Bicknell and her husband Bud took a trip down "memory lane" in March. And, of course, it included ol' Lincoln High. She took her camera along and you can find her illustrated journal for that day by clicking here. You will also learn which schools will be using the LHS building starting this fall. Hamilton will be returning to their building (newly remodeled) after the 2009-10 school year.

Our class news from the Winter issue of Totem II was posted to the website recently. In it Denny Clark recounted an interesting experience he and Jack Murphy had in the mid 1980s in front of LHS. Check out some of the scenes from the movie involved by clicking here.

Our class website set a new record for site visitors in March 2010. We had 412 visitors. A "visitor" is defined as each unique person that visits our website during a month (based on IP address).

March 16, 2010:

Charlotte FRISSELL Jeter passed away on March 8, 2010. You may read her obituary on the Recent Obits page.

Our class news from the Winter issue of Totem II has been posted to the website. Check out the interesting stories and miscellaneous news by clicking here.

March 12, 2010:

For those interested in Mavis Dodge Amundson's website relating to her books and her recent articles, it is located at:

I thought it might be interesting to play with class statistics. Our graduating class included 566 students according to the official commencement program. However, our website accounts for 660 students. Why the difference? Well, let me guess… Obviously, some of us did not meet the graduation requirements. Also, some students included in our class were part of the ill-fated mid-year program and did not finish graduation requirements until halfway through the next school year. Maybe some even graduated early. Also, some of the classmates included on the website transferred to other schools before graduation but have been included in our class because they once were part of it.

Now the statistical breakdowns:


Known addresses      334               59.0%

Deceased                  108               19.1%

Lost                            124               21.9%

Total                           566


Non Graduates

Known addresses       31               33.0%

Deceased                   25               26.6%

Lost                             38               40.4%

Total                            94

Total on Website

Known addresses      365               55.3%

Deceased                  133               20.2%

Lost                            162               24.5%

Total                           660

Now, a couple of caveats: I say “Known addresses” but what I mean is that I think I know them. I relied heavily on the alumni association database through 2008. At that point in time they lost their database manager. Now I am working with info received from class members only. Also, it must be assumed that we have a sizeable number of our lost classmates who have passed away – especially among the ladies. If we don’t have married names, it is almost impossible to learn of their passing. My guess is that one in four of us have passed on or better stated, three of us are still around after ¾ of a century. Not too bad!!

March 6, 2010:

I apparently jumped the gun with the "obituary" posted yesterday. I have now added the real obituary which appeared in today's Vancouver Columbian. I have decided to keep the more detailed info posted yesterday. See the Recent Obits page.

March 5, 2010:

In the absence of a regular obituary for Peggy Keller Click Taylor, I have extracted information about her from the CaringBridge website (referenced below). You may read about Peggy's life on the Recent Obits page.

Jack McGinnis submitted a photo of the John B Allen Class of 1947. Check out these "cute kids" by clicking here.

March 1, 2010:

It is with sadness that I announce the passing of Peggy Keller Click Taylor. Peggy had been battling ovarian cancer for 6½ years. Many of you may have been following her last days on

January 11, 2010:

One of our classmates, Mary Fowler Trimble is an active author. She just released her third novel, Tenderfoot. Mary has authored more than 400 magazine and newspaper articles covering travel destinations and articles of interest to homeowners. She also authors a very useful blog that provides information on many topics. You can check out her blog by clicking here.

A sampling of subjects addressed in her blog is as follows:

Living a long and useful life
Scam proof your life
Don’t be a target for carjacking
Locating a loved on in an emergency
Careful planning can ease effects of disaster
Assembling a disaster supplies kit
In the event of my death

Mary’s new book, Tenderfoot, is a dramatic romantic suspense novel set on a working cattle ranch in 1980, the year the world remembers for the catastrophic eruption of Mount St. Helens. Although the story is fiction, incidents relating to the mountain are true and accurately captured.

Corrie Stephens is eager to learn about ranch life, but reluctant to become romatically involved – it’s just not worth the heartache. Rancher J McClure, on the other hand, has been alone too long. Mount St. Helens has plans its own…

Tenderfoot is told with humor along with strong emotions based on family, love, and the raw adventure of experiencing the horror of the eruption of Mount St. Helens.

Tenderfoot can be ordered online at MaryTrimbleBooks or Treble Heart Books. It can also be downloaded and read as a PDF, HTML or Mobipocket document.

January 5, 2010:

I received an email from Lois Anseth Simmons yesterday advising me of the passing of her friend from Lincoln days, Twyla Cogzill Ball. Lois wrote, "A good friend of mine in high school, who was also a 1953 Lincoln high school graduate, died June 5, 2009. We had lost touch with each other unfortunately, however my sister-in-law happened to see this obituary in a Seattle newspaper. Twyla and I had good times together in high school, especially swimming in Haller Lake. I was saddened to hear of her death."

Lois goes on to say, "I live in Fargo, ND where it is very cold. We usually go south for part of the winter, however this year we can’t decide where to go as it seems to be cold everywhere. I see by the weather reports that Seattle is often warmer than Mesa, AZ. We usually make our trips to Seattle in the summer but maybe we should consider a winter vacation there this year."

Twyla's obituary is available on the Recent Obits page.

January 1, 2010:

We just learned from Bill Dougherty that fellow Alaskan Larry Landaal passed away on December 22, 2009 in Anchorage, Alaska. His obituary is available on the Recent Obits page.



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