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Welcome back to our Class of 1953 website

Welcome to our LHS Class of 1953 website! You should be able to navigate the site using our site maps. If you have any problems accessing pages or finding your way, please drop an email to the Webmaster.


If you don't find many photos of you or your friends, here is your opportunity to get your share of the attention. I will post anything (well, almost anything) you wish to submit. If you don't have a scanner, please drop a note to the Webmaster and we can work out a plan to include your photos.


Remember that the primary motivation for developing this site was to share the photos taken by Larry Wagle at our 50-year reunion. However, the website has now become a place where we can share experiences, news and photos. Basically, we look at it as a vehicle to ongoing interaction with our fellow classmates.

Please note the following explanation of how to maximize readability of any images on this website. If you are Using Internet Explorer 6, first click on the image to enlarge it. Then hold your cursor over the bottom right corner to see if the symbol shown below appears. If it does, click on it to get a further enlargement.

You may have to wait a moment before the symbol appears. Clicking on this symbol should further enlarge the document and make it readable. Sometimes the symbol will not appear. Note: If you are using Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome, you will not see this symbol but you will be able to use a built-in zoom feature to enlarge the image once you have clicked on it. Just click on the image a second time to zoom.

Please sign the Guest Book, post your comments and send your pictures.  Share our website with other classmates. Keep us all informed when you move or change email addresses. 


Suggestions, addresses and news are always welcome.  Send them to our Webmaster.




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