Lincoln High School
The First Year at LHS 1907-08
First Year

When school opened in the fall, and students living in the vicinity of the University, Green Lake and Queen Anne Hill were quietly but firmly told that they must attend the new Lincoln High School, there was weeping and gnashing of teeth. What! Could it be possible that the higher authorities expected old Seattle High School students to break old ties and part from the dear old Broadway High - famous for victories on the gridiron, track and diamond, the best High School in the State, with the best students, athletes, teachers, colors, yell, etc.?

Nobody had seen the new High School at Green Lake, the best equipped High, with one exception, west of the Mississippi, with the big gym, the broad hallways, the large, comfortable, well-lighted, well-ventilated rooms, the lunch room with meals "like mother used to make." No one had inquired who would be the principal or the teachers, or the coach. No one looked into the future to see the spirit with which the students would make known the fact that there were two High Schools in Seattle, not one. But everybody sent petitions to the School Board, and the Broadway students congratulated themselves because they were not to be consigned to the new school. Finally the Board granted the Seniors their choice of staying or leaving the Lincoln, and the majority hurried to join their friends at the older school. A few stayed, and are probably thanking their stars today that they did..

From the first the students labored under difficulties. First, it was half-day sessions; then an uncompleted school; and finally, a lack of organization. But difficulties were overcome by energy and spirit, and friends were won in the strife.

So developed the Lincoln "Spirit," akin to the Seattle "Spirit." It was this "spirit" that brought the Salem team to Seattle, a big undertaking for a new school, and it was this "spirit" which Coach Allen instilled into the team which held Washington High to two touchdowns.

At the time of writing the baseball team is making a trip through Oregon, while the debating team has just defeated Ballard.

A successful municipal election at the school is now at an end, while the inter-class track meet is a thing of the past.

New enterprises are demanding attention, but the first school year at the Lincoln will soon be over, and when books are closed for the last time and a final farewell said, every student will look back with pleasure on that first year as a member of the energetic body of Lincoln students who accomplished something in their short stay, and made themselves known as a manly, gritty and spirited "bunch."

The Lincoln School, named after the greatest of Presidents and statesmen, will compare favorably with any High School in this broad country of ours.

From the 1908 Annual


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