Lincoln High School
2007 All Class Luncheon Program





Bill Brown, '58


LornaTampico-Hamill, 77

Vice president

Jeff Scherrer, 71

Financial-Recording Secretary/Membership

Judy Noah, '71

Secretary Treasurer

John Warnick, '47

Totem II Editor

Ginny Munn, '56

Scholarship Chairman

Patti Berg, '71

Scholarship Scribe

Mary Jane Morehouse Larsen, 59


Shiriey Cook Salmon, '43


Jeff Scherrer, '71

Members at large

Shelagh Hayden Bradley, '69

Les Robinson, '37

Beverly Snyder Shanahan, 65






MC - Don Olson

Pledge of Allegiance

Welcome Class of 1953

Introduce Totem II Editor and all

Class Representatives

Lunch Prize drawing

Lincoln Songs

Time to mingle....................


A recap of 100th anniversary will include:

September 2007: At Lincoln High School, kick-off the year's activities

with a ribbon cutting ceremony and open house. Alumni, family, friends, and

community members will be invited for cake and refreshments to celebrate

the event. Learn about the history of Lincoln, and catch up on the recent

activities that are happening at the school.

February 2008: At Lincoln High School, join in the Traditions Day Dance,

Open House and Fundraiser. Meet past Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln winners, learn

about and raise funds for the LLAA Scholarship Program, and dance your

way through the years into the 80s.


May 2008: At Elks Club in Lake City, enjoy the annual All Class Luncheon.

The annual event has always been very successful in bringing classmates

. together. (Program TBD)


July 2008: Finale activities include: Wallingford Parade, All Class Marching

Band, Barbeque, Car Show, Open House and Fundraiser. Participate in the

WaIlingford Parade! You can ride the LHS bus. walk in the parade or march

in the band! Do you remember how to play the fight song? After the parade,

meet at Lincoln High School campus for a barbeque and open house, or

view the vintage care. Feeling lucky? Buy a raffle ticket! Money goes

toward the LLAA Scholarship program.


All in all, there will be three opportunities to visit the school and share great times

and memories with your friends. We have an ambitious schedule planned for the

2007-2008 school year. In order for the events to be successful, we'll need all the

volunteer help we can get. So get involved. Join In the fun. and help make the

centennial celebration a year you'll never forget!

Volunteers needed. Contact Planning Chair, Loma Hamill, '77 by email at or call Shelagh Bradley '69 at (206) 364-5236.





Judy Noah for her continuing help

Jim Anderson, '51, Dorothy Dunmire

Anderson, '52, and Wights Home and


Class of 1953 for hosting

Our Class of 1953 Webmaster-

Darrell Bangerter


Check out our website at:


Luncheon committee:

Bill Koons chair

Suz' Dippert Calvert

Dennis Clark

Gail Thomas Herzog

Willy Hoppe

Martha Gebert Houk

Loretta Ransom Hucks

Don Lundberg

Marnie Jamison Oslin

Ron Williamson


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